What is web hosting?


All websites must use hosting services to have their website or webpage published online for all to see. A web host or web hosting service provider is a business that provides the technology and services needed to have your company’s website appear on the internet.

All websites are hosted or stored, on special computers called servers. When potential customers want to view your website, they enter your website address into their website browser. The browser then locates your web host and then your website. It then retrieves and displays your web pages as needed.

Stay safe while adding lightning speed to your website.

Having a clean and optimized server, or host, is important for having lightning-fast clicks, speedy updates, and high security.

We offer premium WordPress hosting with updates and backups. Our servers are fully optimized to serve your website with dedicated speed and resources.


Our servers are dedicated and optimized to wordpress websites.


We have weekly backups sent to Amazon S3 with an instant retrieval system.


Always have the latest version of each plugin and theme available.

100% CLEAN

We never accept any adult or pharma websites on our servers.

Why is website hosting important?

Websites can not run without hosting. A better question may be why is high quality hosting important? There are many reasons, but we will list the 5 most important, what we call the 5 S’s of premium hosting.


Your website needs to load quickly. In today's digital world customers will click away from your website if it does not load fast. This is known as "bounce rate" and search engines will rank your site lower in search results. Why you ask? It is all about user experience and slower loading sites are frustrating for users.

Is your website available online 24/7, 365 days a year? If it ever goes offline or doesn't load properly, then you risk losing potential customers. Good hosting solutions have multiple systems in place to ensure uptime, and overall stability and reliability.

Well publicized data breaches have reminded us all too well, hackers are a constant threat to websites. They seek to steal personal or financial information, hold the computer hostage for ransom, or take it over to use for attacks. If your website is hacked can leave your website and your business in shambles.

As your website popularity grows, you need the machine that runs your website (your host/server) to grow with you. If your hosting company is not capable of this your website speed and stability will become an issue. Our hosting solution has the infrastructure to support your business growth.

A "sterile" web neighborhood is one that is free from undesirable websites. Just like you would like your home to be in a good neighborhood in a safe part of your town. Hosting your website is similar, you do not want your website sharing servers with porn, gambling, pharma or certain foreign junk websites. It can drag your site rankings down harming your business.

We provide customized web hosting solutions for your website, to ensure it operates with the 5 S's. Speed, Stability, Security, Scalability, and Sterility.

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